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Local Expertise. National Alliance.

The IBA is a highly respected professional foodservice sales and marketing organization comprised of thirty successful agencies representing food manufacturers throughout the United States.

With multi-generational business owners who all share a commitment to foodservice professionalism, a passion for the business, a dedication to hard work and a commitment to integrity, the IBA culture clearly exemplifies an organization where manufacturers can build their businesses with confidence and trust.

With deep, long-term market-by-market relationships, the IBA has stellar local expertise in a well-connected, collaborative nationally respected alliance. We are IBA proud!

"I" Approach

“I” Approach

Our approach to business and business building is simply defined through five important words, namely,
  • Innovative (We are respected as visionary, creative, unique.)
  • Integrity (Keep our promises. Do the right things with pride.)
  • Influence (We are well respected and influence purchases.)
  • Involved (We are actively committed to our industry.)
  • Informed (We understand and love the foodservice business.)
  • Implement (We deliver results. We execute.)

"I" Team

“I” Team

It has been said, “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” Not true with our stellar alliance…
  • We are proud of the “I” in our team. We are the IBA.
  • We are IBA proud!

"I" Culture

"I" Culture

  • We focus on exceeding expectations on an individual manufacturer-by-manufacturer basis.
  • We believe in continuous education and improvement and readily share information and insights amongst our alliance.
  • Our culture is one focused on continuous investment in growing our capabilities, capacities and business.
  • We share a culture marked by intensity. We work tirelessly on remaining highly professional, successful and respected.

Turning Ideas Into Action

“We are challenging traditional thinking, pushing back on low-value activities, and providing high-value, insightful assurance to our suppliers.”