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Map Address 97 Montgomery Avenue, Scarsdale, NY  10583


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97 Montgomery Avenue
Scarsdale, New York 10583


Our company pioneered the new concept of “regional marketing” and was representing such prestigious packers as HP Hood, Idaho Potato Packers, King & Prince, Empire Poultry, and others. Later, our name also became synonymous in New York with Plantation Foods, Holly Farms, and Coldwater Seafood. The diversification and expansion of our product lines spawned a period of rapid growth during which a half dozen regional offices were opened from Charlotte to Buffalo.

In the early 1980’s, we recognized the nature of our business was changing and found it appropriate to scale back our efforts in our regional offices and fully concentrate on the New York market.

In the mid 1990’s, we pursued the concept of dramatically expanding our product lines and purchased the foodservice division of a major retail brokerage company. This expansion did not work out as we envisioned. We did gain more personnel and many more products as planned, but we felt ourselves losing our ability to concentrate on individual products and maintain specific commitments to our packers — the very backbone of our business for the preceding 40 years.

SMC has returned to our original operating philosophy; focused marketing of specific product categories into the Metro New York market through innovative sales approaches that use our vast experience in the food industry to deliver the best possible results in our market area. We are a boutique brokerage company that has no other brokerage company to compare it to – we are focused and specialized to handle a limited number of principals with the maximum amount of penetration by any marketing company regardless of their size. We are on our business – all the time. We make a difference for our principals and customers in a manner than incorporates integrity, respect and continual progress.

Capabilities / Specialties

SMC is a sales & marketing organization strategically focused with a select number of manufacturer client partners.  We have a strong team of culinary trained and inspired sales people serving the needs of our foodservice and retail customers.  We customize go-to-market strategies based on our client needs in an ever changing environment.

Our Clients

We serve our clients through quality service and sales professionalism. Our commitment is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in all categories of sales, service, and support.

Our Customers

We serve our customers with the highest commitment to quality, integrity and professionalism.

Our Personnel

We are a group of highly qualified, motivated individuals working as one team to accomplish and achieve our clients objectives.

Our Mission

  • To become an extension of our manufacturer partner’s sales and marketing arm.
  • To grow through excellence in customer service, market knowledge and responsiveness to clients.
  • To represent our clients with integrity and respect


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