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Creative Sales & Food Marketing

Creative Sales & Food Marketing.

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Creative Sales & Food Marketing

"Creative" is in independently owned brokerage firm based in Western PA run by father and son team Dan & Corey DiGiovanni. Embodying the hard-working spirit of the Pittsburgh region, Creative is a brokerage that rolls up it's sleeves and isn't afraid of long hours and hard work to build our principals' brands. We have an energetic staff that worked their way up in the industry and holds key relationships that are critical in our business. We have a reputation of being fiercely loyal to our principals, operators, and our distributors.

In an industry of consolidation left and right, our brokerage remains a force in our market and continues to grow the old fashioned way. We keep it very simple - We focus on our operators and building business one case at a time.

At Creative our philosophy is: "A Passion for Food... A Passion for People." We use the word Passion because that's how strongly we feel about what we do. In addition to our brokerage firm, we also own a large restaurant in Western PA. Very few companies truly know this business like we do because we live and breathe the joys and the struggles of the operator. When we talk to an operator we don't give them an empty "pitch", we give them real information backed with real experience. This is what makes us different from our peers and why operators and distributors trust and respect us above the others.

Daniel DiGiovanni

Vice President
Corey DiGiovanni

Sysco Account Mgr
Debbie Miller

Key Accounts Mgr
Patrick Funwela

Staff Chef
John Chopich

Customer Service
Jennifer DiGiovanni


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